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The Most Incredible Menswear----

The Man in the Fur Collar Coat

And so long as the weather gets cold, will anything surpass wool and sheepskin for keeping us warm? Or is it the case that what was true for ancient humanity is no longer true for us?  Has the animal hide been supplanted by the wizardry of invention?

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The Art of the Custom Tailcoat

Every good design, no matter how minimal, contains a grain of fantasy. It clips the thread of reality, allowing the balloon to soar. It opens up a new vista, unexpectedly, like a vibrant sunset revealed by a break in the dull architecture that surrounds us.

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The Legend of the Embroidered Suit

Most of the embroidered suits we make are embroidered entirely by hand, with 60 hours of chain and blanketstitch embroidery and hundreds of Swarovski crystals.  The result is that our pieces look and feel incredibly natural in comparison to pieces embroidered by machine.

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The Custom Horsehide Jacket

A tougher, thinner, denser sort of leather. Mid-century leather jackets, including the original motorcycle jackets, were as often made from horsehide as cow, goat, lamb and other leathers. Horsehide has the advantage of being incredibly tough and dense. 

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The Incredible Bespoke Shirt Jacket

Perhaps no one style more fully embodies the heritage of American tailoring than the shirt jacket. And perhaps no piece is harder to find today in a fully custom version that is made in a long lasting heavyweight wool cloth.

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The Meaning of Bespoke Handwork

There is nothing harder than trying to describe true bespoke clothing to a perspective client today. The market is saturated with factory made goods that are somewhat customizable in color and fit, but have nothing to do with the art of tailoring.

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